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maybe it will be nothing

so, the deal with my 'rents has always been, if i goto college, they'll help me pay for more stuff. i start school on sept 7th.

i called a chick named claire about a 1/2 lease on a horse. its 200 bux a month, and while he isnt a beginners mount she said hes really safe.

i gave her all my background info and it sounds like a good deal. shes getting ready to go on vacatin and just had a baby so shes supposed to call me next week when she gets back to set up a time to head to the barn and meet the horse.

it doesnt even matter to me. i wanted to say "hi, im amy, can i have him?" lol

anyway this chick seems really quiet and im not sure how much older than me she might be.

right before i switched trainers and had to start all over, i was working on flying lead changed. i was dreaming about it a cpl nights ago, actually, haha!

but seriously, that was five years ago, and when i rode this summer i realized i dont remember much anymore. uhm, do you post with your horses inside or outside leg? lol time to pull out all my beginners books.

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